2020 Republican National Convention

Aug. 24-27

Mon. - Thurs.

Location: Livestream from Charlotte, North Carolina

National pro-life advocates Abby Johnson and Nick Sandmann to address the 2020 Republican National Convention

Oldham County GOP Monthly Meeting

Aug. 25


7:00 PM

Virtual meeting -- view by web link or listen by phone.


If interested in participating, contact Mary Broecker, Chair at  Ph: 502-648-3440 or Blaine Anderson, Vice Chair at  Ph: 859-640-4656. They will provide you with the information to participate.


Nov. 3


6 AM - 6 PM

Location: Visit for help and instructions

Oldham County GOP meets every 4th Tuesday of each Month, at South Oldham Gov. Ctr.

6710 W. Hwy 146 in Crestwood at 7:00 PM.

Everybody Welcome.

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Oldham County Republican Party

Chair: Mary Broecker 


Phone: 502-222-1731

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