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Legislation Standing Committee

Charter: (Pending Approval)

Mission: (Pending Approval)   The OCGOP Legislative Committee exists to evaluate the content of, monitor the progress of, and recommend changes to proposed legislation with a primary goal of OCGOP members expanding their knowledge of, and ability to impact the legislative process at the local, state & federal level.

Chair:  Dr. Lance Pearson


The legislative information is constantly changing.  The following links will help you keep up to date with the activities and recommendations from this Committee.  The analysis, opinions and recommendations of this committee are those of individuals and not necessarily the OC GOP or Kentucky Republican Party.  Your personal analysis is recommended and your participation in this committee is welcome.  

Don't forget to look at the Event Calendar and the monthly OC GOP minutes for additional information. 

KET at 11 p.m. weekdays is another useful source for daily legislative updates.

This link is provided by the KY Liberty Caucus and provides detailed list and analysis of bills, including instructions on how to get involved.

Kentucky Legislative Summary: 

Want to Volunteer?  Get more information?   Contact the Chair !
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