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Team Bevin Out West

October 27, 2019

#TeamBevin hit the road yesterday as part of our Get-Out-The-Vote tour for the last few days of this election season. We’re determined to connect with as many Kentuckians as we can over the next week to remind them what’s at stake this November 5th.

At stake is our state’s economic progress. We stopped at Phoenix Paper in Wickliffe yesterday, a company that was struggling under the Beshear administration but took off with Governor Bevin’s help. Phoenix is just one example of the economic growth that is moving Kentucky forward with Governor Bevin.

At stake are our values. While Andy Beshear is funded by the abortion lobby and endorsed by Planned Parenthood, Governor Bevin is the most pro-life governor in America. Governor Bevin talked about this when we met with supporters at Shoney’s in Elizabethtown.

At stake is our seat at the table. Governor Bevin is endorsed by President Trump. Andy Beshear, meanwhile, has said that he wants to “stop the negative policies of Donald Trump”. Governor Bill Lee joined us on our tour in Hopkinsville to stress just how important Governor Bevin’s relationship with President Trump is for Kentucky.

At stake is our future. Throughout our trip yesterday, Kentuckians shared with us their hopes for their children and grandchildren. We all know that Governor Bevin is well on the way to moving Kentucky forward for generations to come, and he’s just getting started. Kentucky can’t afford another Beshear to bring us backward.

So what are you going to do to make sure that Governor Bevin gets reelected before November 5th?

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