March 24 Meeting


The purpose of this meeting is to elect 3 slates of 1) 13 delegates and 13 alternates to the District Convention; 2) 13 delegates and 13 alternates to the State Convention; and 3) the four county representatives that will serve on each of the District Convention committees. The vote will be made via Survey Monkey. 

7 p.m. --  Call in via. 605-313-5934  -- Access Code:  239574#

7:10 p.m.  Prayer

Phone numbers will be noted.  Announce name of Precinct officers (who can vote) and visitors.  15 precinct officers calling in will constitute a quorum.

Anyone who would like to be one of the 13 Delegates or 13 Alternates to the 4th District (April 18th, meeting electronically – using Zoom) please state your name.  ALL Oldham County Republicans are eligible.

Thus far, the following have stated their interest:

  • Blaine Anderson

  • Beckie Dahn

  • Mary Broecker

  • Don Davis

  • Iva Davis

  • Deborah Graham

  • Ashley Hamlin

  • Henry Hutton

  • Debby Neal Pate

  • Kenda Pruitt

  • Gary Rawlings

  • Barbara Sparks

  • J.D. Sparks

  • Lloyd Sparks

  • Gary Turpin

  • Bob Vessels

  • David Voegele

Are their any nominations from the floor?


Anyone who would like to be on one of the following committees, please state your name.  Oldham is allowed only one representative per committee.  

  • Credentials

  • Nominations – Blaine Anderson

  • Rules

  • Permanent Organization


The list will be emailed (in Alphabetical order) to all precinct officers.  Please reply with-in 10 minutes by email.  The 13 with the highest number of votes will be Delegates.  The next names will be Alternates in the order of the vote.

For the four Committees, if it is not contested, I will ask for a nomination, a second, and a vote.  Otherwise, that position will be on the email for a vote.

During the 10 minutes waiting to receive and count the votes, we will

  1.  Approve the January and February minutes that you will have received via email.

  2.  Receive and approve the Treasurer’s report

  3.  Report on the highly successful Lincoln Day Dinner.

  4.  Any other comments.

Announce the Delegates, Alternates and Committee representative. 

DATES:  Note all Oldham GOP monthly meetings are the 4th Tuesday of the month at the South Oldham Government Center, 7 p.m.  Note:   November and December have been cancelled.

  • April 18 – 4th District Convention, 9 a.m. via Teleconference using ZOOM

  • May 25 – Memorial Day on Court House Lawn.  With the OCRWC serving Coffee and donuts.

  • June 6 – State Convention in Summerset.  Time:  2 p.m.

  • June 23 – Primary Election

  • June 23 – GOP meeting scheduled – 7 p.m.

  • July 18 – Oldham County Day 

  • August 1 – Fancy Farm

  • August 20 -30 – State Fair

  • August 24-27 – Republican National Convention

  • November 3 -- Election